Celebrating the O Deer Lifestyle

Welcome to our Home. Come on in— kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable. Among all the other things you will learn about us if you stay awhile is that we are Southern Girls (in the south, you never really quit being a girl). Even in the generic, homogenized world of the 21st Century being from the southern region of the United States means that life is bit slower (it’s the heat and the humidity), a bit more lackadaisical, very family and community centered—and that we are infatuated with our Homes, homemaking and decor. Though we haven’t escaped the mad dash that life has become these last several decades, Southern Hospitality is still a thing, and we are a sociable, neighborly folk.

We hope you enjoy browsing the pages of this website that so well reflect the O Deer Lifestyle. The O Deer Women are an eclectic group, and drawn to styles as diverse as Prim, Kawaii and Bohemian. We are a bit retro, adore vintage and antique, but are just as comfortable with industrial decor and techie pastimes. What binds it all together into a cohesive lifestyle is the Artist’s Eye—our way of looking at our world as an immense canvas to be filled with the experience of each new day. Take some time to check out our posts and articles about gardening, cooking, home-making and other fun or educational activities.

O Deer Blog Posts

Our Re-Purposed Philosophy

At O Deer, we believe that art and crafting are a multimedia affair, both in composition and source. Our lifestyles, as well as our materials and handiwork reflect that philosophy. Our work, our art and our decor merge old and new, thrifted and rescued, in unique combinations. We enjoy utilizing things often overlooked, minimizing waste, making do and rediscovering the forgotten. We hope you enjoy your visit with us, and that you will come back soon and often to share our adventures. We’d love it if you would  also take a trip over to O Deer Mercantile—  on Etsy.  Visit the shop and look through the varied inventory of vintage items, dolls, and plushies that show the eclectic interests and vocations of the O Deer Lifestyle. We are working hard to make our website, our shop and our social media fun and engaging. Thank you for your patience with us.